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Nashville 2016

5th November 2016
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reckless-and-taglineWe all dream of being 21 again but normally for very different reasons.

We got our highest score in America but still not quite enough to fulfil our dream of making the top 20. We think that the Swedish should take a year out.

It’s always a spectacle to be in the States for Independence Day, and Nashville certainly didn’t let us down. While the locals put on the most amazing firework display for us we enjoyed reminding them that if it wasn’t for us, then they wouldn’t have had the day off.

On the run up to competition day, we worked so hard to stay focussed with our coaches Cindy Hansen-Ellis and Sandy Marron. So much so, that not even when our rooms were flooded by the fire sprinklers in the room above being set off – for the second time in two days – did we take our eye off the ball. Unfortunately, the red suits didn’t get damaged.

The competition kicked off on the Tuesday with the youth quartet championships in the stunning setting of the schermerhorn symphony center. We were there to cheer on our boys, Tagline and Trailblazers. Both sang a ohmygodjawdropingly good set sending the crowd wild. They both did BABS and the UK proud – oh to be 21 again!

We we’re up next, prepared more than ever. On stage we performed the best that we could have done and the crowd loved it. It was an amazing stage to sing on and we thought we might have just done enough. And so, to the top twenty call off; had we finally achieved the dream we’ve worked so hard towards?


As more and more quartets were called out we realised that the chances were getting slimmer. you know many of the quartets who will make the next round, but there are a precious few spots up for grabs.
With each quartet name read out, pockets of the crowd went crazy, just like we would have done if our name was called, but with each cheer, we knew that it was one less spot for the likes of us.

Deflation soon turned to laughter when we heard our name called out to be the mic testers for the semi finals, just like last year. Laughter then turned to frustration when we realised that our ranking meant we STILL couldn’t go for a beer!

Mic testing the semis is such an honour; it’s amazing how different the experience is compared to competition. No pressure, just all the pleasure to sing on that stage. One day, we will have BABS quartets in the top twenty mixing it with the big boys – we think of little else. Hopefully Las Vegas 2017 will be our finest hour!

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