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There are so many moments with different songs from our past that evoke a clear response, that moment where you hear a tune that reminds you of a time, a heyday, a good day. With “Mr. Blue Sky” Andy, Dale, Duncan and Andy from Reckless had a clear affinity with the song by rock legends Electric Light Orchestra – they just had to sing it. It is just one of those songs that holds a timeless place in our teens – reminding us of those days before work, family and of course Reckless.

Be sure to know: our outlook on life, family, fashion and our hair was different in those days.

Written and produced by ELO frontman Jeff Lynne for the 1977 Out of the Blue album, Jeff explained to the BBC in an interview, that the inspiration for “Mr. Blue Sky” came from a period of mental blockage in an attempt to follow-up to their previous successful album “A New World Record”. Apparently it was dark and misty for 2 weeks…

Then there was a break in the cloud, blue sky shone through, 12 songs were written and “Mr. Blue Sky” was one of them – history had been made and millions of memories locked in.

Now this rock classic has been sympathetically re arranged by Liz Garnett and taken under the wings of Reckless who give their all in this recording – as they do when they perform it live.

As a part of their Volume One Album, “Mr Blue Sky” has received popular acclaim as the Reckless version does so much justice to the original – whilst standing true as an a cappella / barbershop piece.

This recording is a moment to cherish – a romp to the 70’s yet remains so fresh it could have been originally arranged for Reckless.

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